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Valuation of Sainsbury and writing the report Research Paper

Valuation of Sainsbury and writing the report - Research Paper Example The low valuation of the company exposes it to dangers of potential takeover target. To enhance the value of the company the board is thinking of measures to improve the company valuation. There is an increased perception that the company will be able to benefit from geographical diversification and to improve its image in the market. The company management has come up with the idea of acquiring the UK based J Sainsbury Plc in a bid to improve the valuation of the company. The companies listed on the London Stock Exchange exhibit high level of compliance to corporate governance and corporate social responsibility practices. The domestic companies are mandated to adhere to the corporate codes and ethics. If a company fails to comply with any particular code then it has to explain the reason for the non-compliance. This ensures transparency in financial reporting and makes the financial reports of the company more credible. The retailers in the European region have a strong brand image and are highly responsive to the requirements of the customers. The major retail chains in UK like Tesco, Sainsbury are mature and are continually expanding internationally as well as in terms of wider range of products and services. The retailers in the country are diversified in the true sense with some of them even engaged in financial services. Even Sainsbury is involved in banking services. The movement of the retail chain into financial services is a type of horizontal diversification (Welch & Worthington, 2008). Sainsbury is a UK based company with a diversified range of products and services. By the acquisition of Sainsbury, CF Inc will be able to make a foray in the European market. The primary activities of Sainsbury are retailing in groceries and other related items. The company also has an alliance with the Lloyds Banking Group in financial services (Reuters-b, 2011). In the recent financial crisis the retailers across the world witnessed a fall in the net income owing to the reduced consumer spending. With the rebound in the economy the performance of the retail industry is expected to improve. The economies across the world are slowly on the way to recovery. With a rise in the level of economic activity it is anticipated that there will also be arise in the disposable income of the consumers. This is likely to have a positive impact on the retail businesses as well. The consumer demand is expected to rise with the increase in the income level. It is expected that the consumers will increase their retail spending which will also boost the earnings of the retail businesses. Future of retail- Advancement in technology like internet facilities has made retailing an exciting and challenging field. The recent fundamental changes have altered the ways and mechanism of retailing. Despite this retailing is necessary in some form or the other. For instance though the manufacturers are now able to sell directly to the consumers through online system but st ill it is difficult for the consumers to make all the purchases online. The traditional retailers operating through physical stores would still be necessary. This is because for some products the consumers are convinced only after a thorough examination of the product before purchasing it. In some cases the experience of going to the retail store is as important as making the purchase (Harris, 2000). Valuation of Sainsbury The fundamental analysis involves valuing a company based on important financial

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Legal Underpinnings of Business Law Essay Example for Free

Legal Underpinnings of Business Law Essay The key to limiting liability exposure is to realize where your company might be vulnerable. It is important to be able to recognize possible situations that make a company vulnerable. Knowing all possible significant aspects of any liability associated to the type of business an owner wants to participate in is vital. A business owner should always understand and have working knowledge of all laws that apply to your business to prevent liabilities. Personal Business Venture My future personal business venture would a clothing line for curvy women. As a curvy woman, it is very difficult to find non-geometric, non-tent like, flower patterned, ugly business and casual clothing. The best business organizational form for this business would be an LLC. LLC’s are easy to set up. Chose a business name that incorporates LLC, file an article of organization, create an operating agreement, obtain licenses and permits, hire employees, and finally open the doors. I would have variety of partners from textiles, designers, clothing producers, managers, and finally marketing specialists. The personal liability exposure would be minimal. With an LLC if I messed up the partners would not be responsible. The consequences are not as bad is if I was in a corporation. The LLC is more flexible. The positives are less record keeping and more profit sharing. The state would have some say into my company so I would have to keep up with guidance regularly. The negative of this company is that once a member leaves, the entire company must complete their duties and responsibilities and then dissolve. Another down fall is that self-employment tax contributions towards Medicare and Social Security. â€Å"The net income of the LLC is subject to this tax. The federal government does not recognize LLC as a business entity for taxation purposes, all LLCs must file as a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship tax return. Certain LLCs are automatically classified and taxed as a corporation by federal tax law. †

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New and Improved? : The processes of globalisation on spiritual practic

New and Improved? : The processes of globalisation on spiritual practices; illustrated by the global spread of Reiki. The processes of globalisation create an open market place for trade, but globalisation is also an exchange of cultures, of ideas and practices. Spiritual practices and rituals are one of the ways in which a culture reproduces itself and as such, is subject to hegemonic forces which act to alter the existing form. It has been said that Globalisation may be regarded as a threat to regionalized spiritual practices because there is a tendency to standardise them in an Americanised form, which is primarily Christian. One of the under explored aspects of the Internet is the cultural effects created by the exchange of spiritual ideas and practices online. As more people gain access to the World Wide Web, the diversity of spiritual information available increases exponentially. Exotic cultural practices, once only available to the privileged few who could afford to travel to exotic locations, is now available to millions of people across the globe, at the touch of a button. Gone are the days when spiritual practices are linked to a specific geographical area, with religions linked intimately to the histories and cultures of respective nations and ethnic groups. Spiritual rituals are undergoing a deterritorialisation, aided by new media. It has been suggested that the activities of individual religious groups will be increasingly characteristic of free competition on a global scale. Religion has always been a globalising phenomenon, with missionaries and pilgrims travelling to spread their version of the ‘Word’ to the unenlightened. According to Peter Beyer, â€Å"In the context of globalisation, all religions are increasingly under pressure to see themselves as universal in principle, whether historically they have or not.† Religions that have travelled across the globe have been spread, throughout history, by a network of the ‘Faithful’ leaving their home community, forming new communities as they travel, preaching and teaching their messages and rituals to their converts. Now these networks may be built and maintained electronically. As the printing press made the bible and religious texts available to the masses rather than just the clergy, so the Internet has given people the means to access spiritual information from other cultures and regions... ...pick=67 accessed 10/1/05 BEY, Hakim, The Information War, accessed 10/1/05 accessed 10/1/05 accessed 10/1/05 accessed 10/1/05 accessed 10/1/05 INOUE, Nobutaka, 1997, 2001 The Information Age and the Globalization of Religion, accessed 10/1/05 MILUTIS, Joe, Making the World Safe for Fashionable Philosophy! accessed 10/1/05 ROBERTSON, Roland, Comments on the "Global Triad" and "Glocalization" accessed 9/1/05 SHIELDS, Rob, The Virtual, London and New York: Routledge, 2003, Reviewed by KELLNER, D., and Thomas, A. accessed 23/12/04 THIEME, Richard, Entering Sacred Digital Space: Seeking to Distinguish the Dreamer and the Dream, accessed 23/12/04

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Miscommunications in the Workplace Essay

Recently we have had two of our retailers contact us with problems regarding shipments they have received or have failed to receive. I know this is not the first time this has happened but I would like to minimize the possibilities of it happening again. It seems the root of our problem is miscommunication in the workplace. As a shipping manager that has seen this kind of issue before in past work experiences and I believe I know what we can do to solve our breakdown in communication between the various departments, retailers, and co-workers. As CFO I know you will see this proposal can benefit the company both financially and operationally. First, I propose that the company implement a required form of communication. I believe hand written notes are a thing of the past and that we should upgrade our communication requirements to electronic mail. If we had an e-mail only policy we could have record of all communication on file without the risk of losing a post-it note. E-mail also includes the option of a read receipt, which allows the user to know when the receiver has opened and read the message or if they have not seen the message yet and another form of  communication, such as a phone call, might be required to meet a deadline. The policy might also include that all e-mails must receive a reply no matter how simple the message. I can head a short meeting at the end of the day to cover the implementation of this plan. The idea here is to eliminate hand written notes as well as informal communication such as instant messengers and social network communications. We will need to upgrade a few of the employee’s company cell phones and instruct them on how to use e-mail on these devices. Even though e-mails are good for keeping a history of communications, public relations expert Lisa Elias states, â€Å"When delivering delicate information, pick up the phone. A gentle tone of voice can soften bad news or express warmth and caring, whereas an email or text can easily be misconstrued,† (Kouremetis 2013). Although e-mail can help eliminate the outside forms of communication, another possible resolution would be to implement task management software into the office. This alone may solve the issue. There are many different task management programs available but one that has caught my eye is AtTask, which is used by corporations such as HBO, Samsung, and Adobe. AtTask will allow us to run a free trial of the software prior to purchasing and claims the product will allow us to see what is going on with our projects, if we are on time, and when it will be done (â€Å"Services†, 2012). You will even have access to the task manager to see what is going on in our shipping bay. AtTask even has an integrated communications technology that allows for instant messaging between co-workers and a notes system for the client list. That way, if one person speaks with a client of ours and they request a change to their order he can enter the message in the client’s message folder and we can all receive the notification straight to our smart phones and computers. Even though, task management software will ultimately benefit company wide communication, another area that lacks focus is education on the subject matter of the workplace. A few of these men have worked here for over ten years and they know every part number by memory, but communication technology is outgrowing these few at a rapid pace. On the other end of the  spectrum, these younger men have keen senses of current technological advancements, but they could use some more time in learning the step-by-step processes we face on a daily basis. I propose that we run a workshop meeting once every two weeks for a total of eight weeks to teach the young ones about the process of shipping from us, the supplier, to the consumer/retailer. This workshop could possibly be run during hours if the time comes available, but will most likely need to take place on Saturday from 12:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. The instructors will be chosen from 3 of our most experienced workers who will earn overtime from these extra hours. A separate workshop on communication technology for the employees that have been here should happen once a week for an hour, probably on Wednesday evenings after work. The employees will be eligible for overtime with this extra hour on the job. I believe that being educated on the subject matter of the workplace is vital to our success. In addition to knowledge of the workplace being significant, another part of the communication process that has lacked in certain areas is feedback. Feedback is one of the four major communication functions (Belch 2012). It is the key to knowing your communication was successful. We need to emphasize in the training process that it is okay to ask questions. I have seen it happen before where someone is afraid to ask a question for fear of disapproval only to have to go back re-work what has been done. Asking the right questions can help us to do it right the first time (D.I.R.T.Fi.T.). I feel the previously mentioned workshops would be a great time to re-emphasize the importance of asking questions. Also, as mentioned in the first proposal, all e-mails must receive a reply or they will be followed up with a phone call. We must remember that sometimes in order to receive feedback it must be asked for. After explaining a work order or process it is vital to ask, â€Å"Do you understand?† or â€Å"Do you have any questions for me?† Another way of obtaining feedback would be through face-to-face technology. With our smartphones and office computers we can send a more personal message with FTF video conferencing. Google Hangouts are part of the Google suite of applications that support multi-party video chat as well as other Google applications including Sketch-UP, Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and screen sharing and these types of technologies are being recommended as  teaching formats to doctors and professors around the globe (Roseth, 2013). In conclusion, I do believe there is work to be done in regards to the communication process in the workplace. I have proposed four strategies to minimize the possibility of future communication breakdowns. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. You may decide to choose one or to integrate all four, the choice is yours, but I do ask that you please take your time in considering the possibilities and I do trust you will choose what is best for the company. References Belch, G. E., & Belch, M. A. (2012). Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective, 9th Edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Kouremetis, D. (2013). Choosing Communication Methods Wisely for Your Small Business. Forbes. Retrieved from Roseth, C. (2013). Blending Synchronous Face-to-face and Computer-Supported Cooperative Learning in a Hybrid Doctoral Seminar. Techtrends: Linking Research & Practice To Improve Learning, 57(3), 54-59. â€Å"Services†. (2012). AtTask software services retrieved from

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Essay about Physics in Volleyball - 1767 Words

Physics is used in almost everything we do throughout our everyday lives. Sports are almost entirely composed of the physics of the human body in order accomplish the performed action. Volleyball is a sport which has physics at the heart of the game, understanding the physics of the game actually allows a player to improve and become more efficient and effective in his or her game. This essay gives insight into how the rules of physics can be used and are essential in the game of volleyball in all aspects of the game including serving, passing, setting, hitting, and blocking. Volleyball is a game of constant projectile motion with various types of contacts involved in each aspect of the game. In volleyball when serving one must stand†¦show more content†¦The passer receives the ball at a certain angle and velocity and in contacting the ball changes the angle, direction, and possibly velocity of the ball. The passer’s purpose is to keep the ball off the floor and put it in a direction for further useful play. To accomplish this contact of the ball and repositioning of it a player must get between the ball and the floor, create a styrdy platform for the ball to hit, and stay low. A passer should be placed between the floor and the ball to prevent the ball from reaching the floor. This movement can be accomplish by running to the ball, shuffling to a good ready position, or in last resort diving for the ball, by extending the arms and body into the air to reach a ball. If the arms have to move away from the from the front of the body the passer should drop their inside shoulder, so that the angle shown to the ball will direct the ball back into the court for futher play. To create a solid platform for the ball to hit the arms should be straightened infront of the passer, to limit the angle the ball will reflect, and the legs should be stable and bent. The legs will act like a spring, they should absorb the impact of the ball and then use force to push the ball in the opposite direction. Creating a flat and straight platform will allow the ball to rebound up and off the arms of the passer into the direction of theShow MoreRelated The Physics of Volleyball Essay1330 Words   |  6 PagesThe Physics of o Volleyball From six thirty one morning to three O’ clock the next morning was my longest volleyball day ever. Fourteen and a half hours of play with only 3 breaks for food, makes for an exhausting event. So what makes volleyball worth such a sacrifice? It is the endless possibilities and outcomes that can occur by playing this magnificent sport and challenging the basic laws of physics. In the sport of volleyball the same thing never happens twice. Things may seem similarRead MoreA Brief History of Volleyball792 Words   |  3 Pages Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan in Holyoke, Massachusetts. According to Merriam-Webster, volleyball is â€Å"A game played by two teams of six players each, in which an inflated ball is volleyed over a high net.† The objective of scoring would be to volley the ball within a limit of three touches, until the ball comes in contact with the opposing team’s court. Volleyball has evolved to appeal to both genders, and has marked a spot in the World Olympics. It eventually led to the creationRead MoreFlight, A Very Interesting Subject1371 Words   |  6 Pagesrace we have been fascinated with flight. Before we understood the physics behind what allowed objects to fly we attached feathers to our arms and flung ourselves off of cliffs in a desperate attempt to recreate what we saw birds do every day. What were we seeking? The freedom, the freedom to be able to soar over any obstacles with ease, to not be confined to going wherever the terrain allows us to. With the understanding of physics came the first flying machines, hot air balloons, the first one flyingRead MoreMultiple Functions Of Utah Valley University991 Words   |  4 Pagesschool, they can often be found playing soccer or football outside. However, volleyball is most command and is played inside the AC. Since school doesn’t start till 9 am at UCAS and all the students are coming from different places its normal for the students to b e an hour or two early to school. During this time most students do homework at the lunch tables in the AC but, there always seems to be a few people playing volleyball. Although at lunchtime that number is much higher, with more than six peopleRead MoreI Want to Continue Pursuing Knowledge in Electronic Engineering708 Words   |  3 Pageselectronics engineer’s offers solutions to every bit of our tussle, and ameliorate the quality of our lives. Since my schooling, I have possessed a curiosity in the conceptual structures of mathematics and physics. With a solid foundation in physics lay during senior middle school. I preferred Physics Math’s group in my Intermediate. My childhood played a vital role in developing interest in the two majors. This made me opt electronics and communication engineering in my under graduate program. MyRead MoreProgram Of Interest : Mba / Technology Management1057 Words   |  5 Pageswas able to secure 82.26% and 76.83% respectively. Initially I was puzzled by the formulas and logical orientation in the physical sciences. The timely guidance and support I received from my teachers and parents helped me grasp the principles of Physics and Mathematics which led me to pursue my career in Electronics Telecommunication Engineering. As a culmination of my efforts, I qualified for admission into the prestigious Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Belpada Mumbai (Affiliated toRead MoreP rogram Of Interest : Mba / Technology Management1057 Words   |  5 Pageswas able to secure 82.26% and 76.83% respectively. Initially I was puzzled by the formulas and logical orientation in the physical sciences. The timely guidance and support I received from my teachers and parents helped me grasp the principles of Physics and Mathematics which led me to pursue my career in Electronics Telecommunication Engineering. As a culmination of my efforts, I qualified for admission into the prestigious Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Belpada Mumbai (Affiliated toRead MoreMy Favorite And Best Subject1636 Words   |  7 Pagessubject in school is Math, but I have a A’s in all my other classes.   I like all my classes, and I’m not doing bad in any of them.   Although, my least favorite is Science.   I play sports all year round, including Volleyball in the fall, Gymnastics in the winter, Track in the Spring, Club volleyball in the Spring, and camps for all 3 in the summer.   Ã‚  I like to help my mom and dad by doing chores around the house and watching my little brothers.   When I took the Keirsey test I learned that I was good atRead MoreGerman Culture Essay991 Words   |  4 PagesWankel, Von Braun and Benz were the pioneers in modern automotive and air transportation technology including the beginnings of space travel. The work of Albert Einstein and Max Planck was vital for the establishment of modern physics. The first Nobel laureate for physics was Wilhelm Conrad Rà ¶ntgen for the discovery of X-rays. Architecture The architecture is based on Carolingian and Ottonian styles, the precursors of Romanesque. It also constitutes of remarkable works in Gothic, RenaissanceRead MoreAnalysis Of Nelson Mandela s Death1603 Words   |  7 Pagesshift from universe to another. However despite the obvious flaws, for the sake of the internet, I will explain why it is in fact ridiculous. To begin, we have to question the idea of parallel universes existing to begin with. A large portion of the physics community has written it off. The possibility of parallel universe gives people the possibility of quantum suicide. Quantum suicide is described as deletion of existence from not one, but all realities, so this means if parallel realities were indeed

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Birth Of Venus By Botticelli And Child Enthroned With...

Artist in the prehistoric and medieval periods used art to illustrate ideas and concepts affecting their prehistoric societies. Most of the artistic works of this time and their presentation had a cultural and stylistic significance. The arts portrayed a particular ideas concepts and themes. An example of this works includes, Birth of Venus by Botticelli and Child Enthroned with Saints by Duccio. The paper seeks to compare and contrast these two works basing on the differences in artistic styles and cultural contexts used. Birth of Venus Birth of Venus is one of the world most famous and appreciated works of art. It was painted by Botticelli . The picture hangs in the country villa of the Medici indicating that the work got commissioned by Medici family. In this painting, Venus rises from the sea looking like a classical statue and floats on a seashell .it gives one of the surest and most recognizable art images in the history. On Venus right is Zephyrus, who is the god of winds and carries with him the gentle breeze of Aura and together they blow the goddess of love ashore. Goddess of seasons, the Horae, waits to receive Venus and spreads out a flower covered robe in readiness for the Love Goddess arrival. Botticelli took some of the inspiration for a hymn by Homer, the classical poet. However, it was an unusual subject for the time since most Renaissance artists used themes from the teachings of the Catholic church for their paintings (Corsini, 6). It was in the keepingShow MoreRelatedArt History Study Guide3003 Words   |  13 Pages * Duccio –Maesta; Entry into Jerusalem; Betrayal of Jesus * Giotto –Maesta; Lamentation/ Scrovegni Chapel(aka Arena Chapel), Padua; Death of St. Francis, Bardi Chapel, [and Pisano, Talenti] Campanille * Lorenzetti, Ambrogio –Allegory of Good Government in the City/Country * Lorenzetti, Pietro –Birth of a Virgin * Martini, Simone –Annunciation altarpiece * Orcagna –[and Bernardo Daddi] Tabernacle/ Madonna and Child with Saints, Orsanmichele

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Essay about Hoarding Attempt of Affluence, Reality of...

William James, known as the â€Å"philosopher of America† (Kaila Kovailanen, 2011), had his own perspective on ownership. In 1918 he described acquisitiveness as â€Å"an instinct, something that is part of human nature, present at birth and with us throughout life. This instinct contributes to our sense of self. What is ‘me’ fuses with what is ‘mine,’ and our ‘self’ consists of what we possess† (Frost and Steketee, pp. 48). It seems that even this brilliant mind, who has been considered the father of American psychology, believed that collecting things is a part of human nature. In the western culture, society views the prominent and affluent people as those with large houses, fancy cars, and expensive things, yet those who take attainment†¦show more content†¦Hoarding has widely been considered as a type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Although people have been compulsively hoarding for years, little has be en known about this abnormal behavior until recently. Until the 1990s, minimal research had been done (Steketee, 2010). In the most current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition, text revised (DSM-IV-TR), published by the American Psychiatric Association, hoarding is not currently listed as a diagnosable mental disorder. Frost and Hristova (2011) state that because hoarding has been considered as a subtype of OCD, the recent research has lent to the proposition of hoarding being considered as its own separate disorder. It is currently under consideration to be included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th Edition (DSM-V) as a separate diagnosable disorder (American Psychiatric Association, 2000; Frost Hristova, 2011). In a seminar, Frost and Steketee (2010) asked students about things they owned that they considered meaningful. One student said that her most prized possession was a shirt that was worn by Jerry Seinfeld. When asked if it would have meaning if she did not know if it had been worn by Jerry Seinfeld, she said no. The author then stated that it seemed the student was connecting with something bigger than herself through the item, and that it seemed it was not the object that she valued, but the connection it symbolized (p.